Farming While Black: Growing Food and Community While Saving the Earth

Caméléon Studio is highlighting Leah Penniman: Farmer, Educator, Author and Food Activist.

Leah Penniman's discusses "spiritual activism" in her book and highlights the ecology of African diaspora through growing food and farm education. Caméléon Studio is cultivating spiritual creativity through collective action. 

The themes that kept coming up during gardening, are the important of care and preservation, as well as the important of archiving. Archiving as a form of education and the embodiment of passing down wisdom; which is to say that education comes in multiple forms. 

Can you truly study agriculture without studying Black culture? Could you study medicine without studying BIPOC cultures? Could you study most things without studying indigenous communities?





 Food for some thoughts!!

-Sometimes work doesn’t have to satisfy someone else’s need to be work, it just have to satisfying yours.

-Thank GOD for the bees.  

-Sustainability is life’s work! It's a commitment and a soulful journey.

-I am just focus on influencing myself and learning about the things I am interested in, little by little.

-Money is important but I don’t need money to be the reason I do the work I do.

-Finding joy in calmness, yes black people, BIPOC you too deserve calm and peace of mind.

-Finding and acquiring patience, knowledge. The kind of knowledge that feeds the soul for generations to come.

Apart from being the designer, creative director and founder of Caméléon Studio, I am also a cultural anthropologist, and gardener. My goal is to bridge the connections between sustainability in fashion, food/agriculture and the environment. 


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